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February 5, 2012

Yes.. it is true.. As arguably the world’s  largest social network officially turns 8 years old today.. I, along with millions of other FACEBOOK-AHOLICS(as I call ’em..!) will surely reflect on the indelible impact FB has had on our lives however big or small that maybe..


I personally, for the record, ‘ve been on FB for 961 days on the go, having joined during my first years of engineering.  And my FB experience morrors those of oyhers in many possible facets.


As we ‘ve changed our relationship statuses a countless no of times that we can hardly remember.. Flipped n glided through our tagged photos(sometimes.. err.. all the times.. those of others too)  and every once in a while untagging n unfriending the ones we now deem unfavorables.. Seen friends’ last names change for mysterious or obvious reasons.. Bid adieu to fellow FB users whose walls(.. now we call THE TIMELINES™)  have become digital memorabilias.. We have cried.. We have smiled.. We have told our stories.


Just shy of its sixth birthday bash on Feb 4, 2009, FB saw me register for an account. Back then, it was not so much hyped n was only crowded by some college bullies. I was 18, living in a dorm at my college hostel. I just owned a NOKIA 3500 then unlike now as I have since gone on to own a DELL STUDIO XPS laptop as well as a SONY ERICSSON HAZEL alongside a MOTOROLA GLEAM.. n a PDA.. But coming back to the old days I accessed FB only on campus computers & opera mini on the fone.


FB so quickly found its feet in my not-so-heavy schedule.. n soon enough it became a hobby.. An addiction later on. Something I would check in every so often & not everyday as I do now. But as more n more old faces poured into the service in numbers beyond count- first my cousin sister(Hi Ekili Apaa.. I hope u “LIKE” this story..!) n friends.. then my other sisters n old buds- I rather began to rely on it more n even more. I soon replaced my physical diaries n scrapbooks which I so carefully n routinely updated in high school, with an online version of database of memories..


In 2006, FB unveiled NOTES..which I used as my first crack at blogging.. To showcase my celeb-skills. It fostered content sharing on FB to new heights.. so much so that even media organizations began to perceive the site’s humongous untapped potential to bring in more readers to their stories. This piqued my interest profusely. FB then capitalized on that revelation by introducing a SHARE button after just some months. In 2008 it unleashed its CHAT feature n in the process brushed aside all other prevalent IM apps to push its claims further up as the reigning social networking giant. More n more sophistications  continued to follow- Merging walls n Mini-Feeds.. Usernames allowing custom URLs for users(.. A really majestic feature!).. the email address integrating the emails(.. did they want to slam-dunk GOOGLE with it?.. Im not sure..).. Even just a year ago my FB experience got bamboozled tremendously.. First, FB chat presented with it videocalling capabilities.. Then came the SUBCRIBE feature allowing to subscribe to personalized profiles n seeing anything publicly.. n most recently.. n notably.. The walls got transformed into TIMELINES..


Somewhere beneath all these changes.. I sent virtual gifts.. Poked some of my friends.. Cringed at the ads appearing on my screen.. Updated my status like a psycho maniac..


Now its year 2012, & FB is used by biggest of celebrities as well as the common folks. It has become an essential part of our lives just like those sleeping pills for oldies n those tonics for kids. Together we ‘ve come a long way. We ‘ve grown up side-by-side. Shared the fondest of memories.. n the bitter most moments alike.


Happy Birthday, Facebook.. Long may you continue.. Good luck..


..& by the way.. Zuck(..Mark Zuckerberg.. CEO, FB!) & Co.. Thanks for all this. Thank you very much.



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