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The Men Behind The Scenes- My #10 Favourite Movie Directors

February 23, 2012

With Valentine’s day behind me, one can understand if my distraction quo was a li’l overboard this weekend. There’s just something weird about the pre-college preparation works that makes everyday feel like a friday(though it isn’t..!).

But just when I found FACEBOOK n FOOTBALL weren’t gonna cut it in the time wasting department this time around.. I thought a li’l bit blogging might just about make it up for the size. I guess I was right.

I, eversince crawling down the floor of the living room in a diaper have been an ardent die-hard hollywood movie freak, uttering the heart-thumping adrenaline-pumping dialects of the protagonist time n again & giving the villain a piece of mind in dreams every single night. Though the textbook stuff always found it pretty hard to get access to my crazy mind.. The movies certainly somehow got etched into the core with finesse.. The most eccentric of facts I never could figure out.. I never wanted to.

So coming to the prospect of movies, let me tell you this first. When it comes to the success of a movie, we ‘ve almost always gone for the faces or the stars n given ’em the round of applause profoundly every time but fell short(or cared less..?) to give real credit where it is due. Yes ladies n gentlemen, Im talking about those few people who indeed make the movie worth all the hype n hoopla it ever gets.. not to mention the overnight success it achieves worldwide. But you know the worst part of it yet?..  the craziest part? Some of us don’t even know the names of the directors of our so-called favorite movies even yet!!.. sounds staggeringly odd.. but facts are facts.

Now without further ado.. Im gonna put down here in this manuscript  the names of some of the extraordinary directors of our time who have made me drop my jaws in awe n watch their masterpieces again n again n again with joy. It all starts right here..


Sam Raimi(center) with stars Tobey Maguire(L) n Kirsten Dunst

An american film director-cum-producer, he’s well known for his exploits of his artistry in the cult horror films viz. EVIL DEAD SERIES, DARKMAN n DRAG ME TO HELL. But the pinnacle of ’em.. the one that would stand tall above all else will undoubtedly be THE SPIDERMAN TRILOGY which propelled him to instant stardom.. n of course, to my top 10. A slick blend of all-action theme with hearty emotions with perfection surely caught my eye n that of many others too. A genuine class act he really is.



Robert Rodriguez

 A one-man-film-crew, as he’s often called for his strange penchant for serving multiple tasks all by himself for his films, he’s an immensely talented director-cum-screenwriter who uses sheer creativity n NOT money as the source of his successes going forward. Cool off-the-grid cars, samurai swords, hi-tech gizmos n towering apartments drive this purpose to a tee n found ever present in his works. Filmography springs few hits such as SPY KIDS SERIES, SIN CITY, PLANET TERROR, THE FACULTY, DESPERADO n MACHETE.


Bryan Singer

 Bryan Singer simply is one monster of a director. This dyslexic but incredibly gifted man is no stranger to superhero geeks like us having directed some  critically acclaimed worldwide blockbusters like X-MEN films n SUPERMAN RETURNS alongside others like VALKYRIE n THE USUAL SUSPECTS. Thanks in no small part to his child life struggles, his drastic experiences show in his ensemble pieces. A visionary with a futuristic approach to his work unlike many others who flatter to deceive, he unquestionably deserves to be mentioned in the same breathe as the immortals in this very list.

(Psst.. He’s a gay, too..!  with all due respect.. of course)


Paul W. S. Anderson with spouse Milla Jovovich

 Directing movies ain’t any glitch. And nobody will embody this line as perfectly as the man on the picture seen above. An all-action thriller variant as he is, as seen from his frequent adaptation of science-fiction n video-game series, this guy truly packs a punch. A  high definition director as I call him, you’ve gotta see his works to believe what Im talking about.  He’s no pushover by any means n though not as commercially successful as many others in this list, all the while his finest works still break past the barriers that usually stifle many others. Evidence?.. See MORTAL KOMBAT, RESIDENT EVIL SAGA, ALIEN vs PREDATOR, DEATH RACE n THE THREE MUSKETEERS n you ll know for sure.


Christopher Nolan

 Some people do have  a superiority complex over others. I call ’em models. They always are one-of-a-kind, n do stuff that sets the trend for years to come n in the process become the benchmark for others to follow.  Nolan personifies this quite brilliantly.  He’s a proven winner, a guy who fancies his chances in the biggest of stages. Some of his mainstream successes over the years include MEMENTO, INSOMNIA, THE BATMAN TRILOGY n INCEPTION.


John Woo

 Think highly stylised drop-dead slam-bang action.. Think John Woo. An iconic showman recognized for his astonishing action sequences n innovative slow motion stand offs, he’s regarded by many as one of the most influential n intimidating directors alive on the planet today. His films always gave me the adrenaline-rush I needed.. almost always. His works speak volumes of his hugely successful directorial stint in hollywood n beyond.  His outstanding breakthroughs include FACE OFF, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE II, HARD TARGET, BROKEN ARROW, PAYCHECK, RED CLIFF SERIES  n THE KILLER.


James Cameron

 James Cameron has an air of charisma n flair around him.. to be brutally honest.. almost magical. A canadian director revered with the highest of esteem, he’s got that midas’ touche.. he can almost turn a stone into a golden coin. The sheer elegance n impeccable  aura can be judged from the very fact that his two films( or masterpieces..!) viz TITANIC n AVATAR are the two highest-grossing films of all time. Depicted by a certain biographer as part-scientist part-artiste, his contributions to the industry ll always remain unmatched.  His greatest works include THE TERMINATOR, RAMBO FIRST BLOOD, ALIENS, THE ABYSS, TRUE LIES, TITANIC n AVATAR.


Stephen Sommers

 One of my genuine favorites here. Always two steps( or maybe three..?) ahead of his rivals when it came to making high-impact sci-fi thrillers, this american director-screenwriter is one of the pioneers of swash-buckling adventure genre movies since I have watched films. I heard once he said that he didn’t care everyone in the room was smarter than he was.. probably because he knew that he could literally kick everyone off their arse! The phenomenal n revolutionary director that he is, he certainly belongs to the top of the pile. His significant hits include THE JUNGLE BOOK, THE MUMMY SERIES, THE SCORPION KING SERIES, VAN HELSING SERIES n G.I. JOE: RISE OF THE COBRA.


Steven Spielberg

 The director par excellence. One of the first inductees into the hall of fame. One of the greatest of all time. In an illustrious n glittering career spanning four decades n having won every single accolade there is.. He has set the bar so high for his contemporaries to follow up that it’s really hard to see someone get anywhere near it anytime soon. Further international n commercial hands on successes have only solidified his standing amidst the pantheon of greats in the business. His crown jewels include box office hits such as SCHINDLER’S LIST, JURASSIC PARK, E.T.- THE EXTRA TERRESTRIAL, JAWS, MINORITY REPORT, WAR OF THE WORLDS, INDIANA JONES, A.I.- ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE n CATCH ME IF YOU CAN.


Michael Bay

 The numero uno spot in my favorites list is obvious. It was always obvious. I was virtually lost in a sea of confusion to find sensible choices up to the second place but the first place was a near certainty.  N I know I have put my money on the best man there is. If Spielberg were here with me, even he would have attested gladly my decision to give that spot to Bay ahead of him. The way I see things.. there are two kinds of people in this world. You ‘ve got talkers or what I call know-it-alls. Then on the other side of the fence you ‘ve your doers. N Bay falls in this category. The fox-in-the-box director, the right man for the job. He was born for greatness. The lightning fast effects, the ultra clear visuals n all substantially high budget films. His magnificient works of art include BAD BOYS SERIES, ARMAGEDDON, PEARL HARBOR, TRANSFORMERS SERIES, THE ROCK n THE ISLAND. Im pretty sure there’s still plenty more to come from him.

Alright folks, so there you ‘ve it. Now you know who to watch out for, the next time you decide to hang out in a multiplex near you. There may still be a few surprise misses too, may have done injustice to some of the other immaculate talents but then Im just 20yers old n there’s still scope for others to make the cut into this very list by their awesome works.

So that’s it. Thank you all.



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