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The Contenders – Bottom Line

March 18, 2012

A boiling hot sunny day.. A sumptuous lunch to die for( or is it to.. SUICIDE for??).. N finally an ever-so-monotonous college schedules made by few goddamn people you’d love to kill for free.. N there you ‘ve got your complete recipe for ultimate boredom! But at long last.. got a perfect li’l recipe of my very own to look to when things get this much worse.. Blogging, of course.


But maybe.. I am a li’l short of options to write about something as of now so I see no better way than football(Oh.. I love it!) to have some fun all the way. N talkin of football, I ll now get you into the nuts n bolts of the recent UEFA CHAMPIONS’ LEAGUE draws that have us, the fans take to the edge of our seats right away.. shimmering with profuse excitement n anticipating with much aplomb the 4 exquisite rounds of pulsating fixtures where some top notch european giants will be desperately gunning for glory n vying with each other to lay their hands on the most prestigious of  all prizes this planet has to offer.. LA OREJONA- THE COUPE DES CLUBS CHAMPIONS EUROPÉENS.

I ll here take a quick look only at the sides who stand the most realistic of chances to go all the way in the competition, with no offense to the rest of the sides who deservedly got this far. But the road to success from here on will certainly not be paved in gold.. The battle ll be tougher than ever. Yep, that’s right.. In all certainty, where a precious moment of magic(or madness..!!) could presumably seal off your fate altogether.. There’s no room for any complacency now even for the cream of the crop in europe.

Now let’s get down to the action straight away.



The Champions' league draw last 8 in Nyon, Switzerland




The Bavarians were certainly looking off color in their past few games but they choked their critics in breath-taking fashion, with a resound thrashing of a lacklustre FC BASEL side with consummate ease, winning the tie 14-1 on aggregate(watch out.. europe!) n proving their mettle in the process as a genuine contender for the title. On friday, they got a difficult, but manageable draw against french outfit OLYMPIQUE MARSEILLE.. But their eyes ll surely be already on a potential semi-final showdown against the competition co-favorites REAL MADRID CF. In that scenario, a look even beyond  the semis ll be a tough ask for the german behemoths.. But the very fact of the final being hosted at their very own home ground ALLIANZ ARENA may well act as a sheer motivation for jupp heynckes’ men to at least put some real fight.. Coz to become the best.. Inevitably, you ‘ve gotta beat the best. N they know that well enough.




A DAVID vs GOLIATH battle here on cards really.. After REAL MADRID CF drew cypriot minnows APOEL NICOSIA in the last 8 draw in Nyon. Considering the glaring gulf in class between the two.. An easy progress for the spanish powerhouse is all but certain. Well, it just so happens that there have been always some noise from time immemorial about Jose Mourinho’s second season being the most fruitful one.. N frankly I do believe it. He has in 2 years time fine-tuned a glamorous but arrogant side into a gritty rock-solid n stellar attacking unit with sky high confidence.  They have some outrageously gifted midfield n defense while an enigmatic CRISTIANO RONALDO spearheading an already lethal midfield to tear anyone apart on their day. But.. one team that has stood in their way always.. Their arch-nemesis FC BARCELONA.. Have always denied ’em their fair share of successes n left ’em contemplating what just went wrong!  But Even if the world thinks there is no way you’ll succeed against this Barcelona side, this time, all Madrid have to do
is prove them wrong once to make ’em eat their own words. Am I right? A simple change in
mindset is all it will take for the Men in White to do the impossible.. Coz inside the word impossible itself, is possible. For the 9-time european champions.. This.. is the judgement time. An epic EL CLASICO for european supremacy awaits.




Chelsea’s shambolic defensive frailties were exposed brutally at the SAN PAOLO by a fire-flying SSC NAPOLI side as evidently seen from their cataclysmic collapse in naples.. N many had even written off even their faintest of chances.. But the blues did salvage some pride n stepped up the gear to turn the tie on its head at the STAMFORD BRIDGE triumphing  5-4 on aggregate.. Much to the dismay of a shell-shocked Napoli. The premier league giants may well be in buoyant mood after such heroics but still the squad harmony remains in question while the players remain irreversibly short of confidence. Then there’s a £50 million man Fernando Torres.. who has still been unable to seamlessly integrate into Chelsea’s 4-3-3 system. The whole sale overhaul of hierarchy by owner Roman Abramovich did not help Chelsea’s cause much either. Reigning champions Barcelona are likely to be lying in wait in the semi-finals where finishing line looms increasingly large for the blues.  Like I said, the only way to get past Barcelona is Desire n Quality.. The first one they have aplenty.. The second.. I doubt that. Its about time to hit the panic button.. Roman!




They are widely touted as THE best side ever to have graced a football pitch.. Probably the greatest ever. N then you look at their star-studded squad.. Top quality all over the pitch.. n the outright favorites for the competition.. N u think.. Is the hype justified? Well.. the records say it is. The easy-on-the-eye one touche silky brand of football they showcase.. Many believe they play on another whole new horizon altogether.. Hard to even figure out.. let alone breaking ’em down.  N what if that is still not enough?.. They ‘ve got  3-time BallonD’Or  winner the diminutive argentine maestro, LIONEL MESSI.. Who many regard as the best ever! A pivotal last 8 clash with italian powerhouse AC MILAN certainly grabbed plenty of column inches in papers worldwide but against this side’s mighty attacking prowess.. I think even the Rossoneri don’t really stand a chance.. At least not with the li’l argentine mozart pulling the strings in an immaculate Barcelona midfield. A final frontier showpiece with either Madrid or Bayern is the least one should expect from a side of such calibre.. Provided the Blaugrana avoid any surprise defeat.. N you fancy they will.  Beyond that.. Even I don’t know much!!


#5. AC MILAN :


The outsiders with not so realistic of chances.  Even considered as the perennial underdogs for their last 8 tie too. Still, Milan’s european pedigree can never be called into question.  Sitting pretty at the summit in serie A, they are capable of springing a few surprises too on the grandest of stages as they ‘ve done a countless no of times before.  Barcelona could eventually prove to be a potential banana skin for the 7-time european champions.. But you can count ’em out at your own peril! Here’s the no-nonsense deal for Milan’s charges.. get past the favorites.. n in most certainty they ll surely go all the way through. Sounds simple right?.. But they do know how hard it is.  All the same.. at least u can believe.. Nothing wrong with that.

So be ready folks. Let’s get away from philosophy now n wait for some mouth-watering clashes of the titans that wait in line. There’s so much at stake.. So many twists n turns n ups n downs yet to be seen. The emotions palpably running high through the fans already which makes it quite a spectacle! But that’s what this game is all about.. isn’t it?


So.. With all this talk about football I thnk we now need to take a break.. seriously!

N yeah.. I am not a scientist who has devoted my life’s work to researching statistically significant findings or an anthropologist who discovers the secrets of other cultures. No.. I am just a person who is passionate about the beautiful game of football. That’s it.

If you ‘ve got any problems with that.. I tell you what.. I ‘ve got just two words for ya..



See you again folks.. Sayonara.

The Allianz Arena- Venue for the FINAL SHOWPIECE EVENT




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