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I hv alwaez been d kinda guy dat hid hz face n so afraid to tell d world wat I hv gotta say. Bt not anymore. I thnk itz tym 2 let u all know whatz rite insyde f me. Therez no wae to hold it in.  D pagez f ma memory torn in twain wer liez cud nt contain. I lyv ma lyf in ma head. Dey cal it imagynatn. I cal it ART F LYVYN.  I’m nt here jz to fill d empty spacez nor to follw d footstepz u knw.  N I nevr juztify d wae  I lyv ma lyf coz I’m d 1 lyvyn it feelin it n tastin it all d wae n NOT YOU. I jz hate ’em who trynna throw me linez. I nevr waste ma tym I nevr re decyde. Som peopl out der cal me crazy bt datz jz fyne coz dey thnk ma world z flat lyk deirz. ITZ NOT.  I lyk to step on crackz n go agnzt d oddz.  Ma enemiez’ eyez go blind  deir earz go deaf n mouth dumb for ovrxpozure to pure awsomnez wen dey face me.  Peopl say we cn nt get back d tym we hv lost. D lyf we hd wont b ourz agn.  Bt maybe I cn pick maslf up n turn it all around. Cn it b eazier? No 4 sure. Cn I jz chang ma lyf? Hell yea.  Coz I ain’y gyv up n I ain’t quit whyle I m stil breathin.  N I dont need a hand to sav maslf.  I knw hw to break thru n get outta d darknez.  I cn alredy feel d light upon ma face.  I alredy hear d ANGELZ’ wordz f grace.  I knw I m nt dead. At least nt yet.  I m so cold bt I m stil alive n stil unbroken. All datz left 4 me z d fight for glory.  N derz nothn I should hv to fear.  Coz I m d wild horse dat cn nevr b capturd nor b tamed.  I stil feel d spirit in ma soul runnin thru ma veinz lyk d wind lyk d rain.  Itz stil nt too late. Itz nevr too late.  So guess itz tym I ll b takin it all back watz myn.  N I’m jz abt ready to settl d scorez nw.  N u bettr get ready to face d floor.  Coz dis z war dat nevr endz.  N u hv all ur lyf to run n hyde.  So jz get up. N come on. LETZ DO THIS.

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